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Services Provided by TVSS

bulletInstrument repair at your site to return the instrument to manufacturer's operating specifications. All repairs include verification of instrument performance using the manufacturer's test solutions and conditions.
bulletPreventive maintenance services designed to keep your instrument performing to manufacturer's specifications for the life of the instrument. Regular maintenance will prolong the useful life of an instrument and minimize the occurrence of breakdown.
bulletTechnical support to solve problems related to operation and maintenance of your system. Whether the problem is a difficult separation of compounds or questions about instrument capability, TVSS can assist you in getting the most out of your chromatographic system.
bulletTraining in the operation and maintenance of HPLC, GC and MSD instruments. We can provide many standard classes from basic operation to advanced troubleshooting at your site for up to 5 people. TVSS provides cost-effective training on your equipment to meet your specific needs.
bulletBench repair services for small modules. One of the most cost-effective methods of repairing modular components is to send the module to TVSS for repair. This eliminates the travel charge and results in lower labor costs. By taking advantage of the many shipping alternatives, speed and cost can both be balanced to have a module repaired quickly and economically. Please inquire for a personalized quote for the specific module to be repaired.
bulletQualification services. In any regulated environment, instruments must be qualified to prove that results obtained are accurate and reproducible. TVSS can provide qualification services to meet your laboratory's needs.
bulletMaintenance contracts for your instruments. TVSS can provide a fixed-cost estimate for your laboratory to cover a wide range of services from hardware repair to qualification. Our experience and training allow us to supplement any on-site support your facility may have or to provide complete support for your instruments.
bulletReplacement parts for you instrument. TVSS can provide replacement parts for your instrument from many different sources. In a competitive environment, different vendors compete to bring you alternatives to manufacturer-produced parts. Most of these parts are equal or superior to the manufacturer's part. TVSS has screened the different vendors to provide you with the highest quality parts to keep your system running at peak efficiency while controlling your cost.



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