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Travel Rates

Tennessee Valley Scientific Support, LLC bills zone charges based on the distance from the main office in Huntsville, Alabama. Zone charges cover the cost of transportation and the first full hour of labor at the customer site. The distance is set in distance zones, based on the following table. Mileage references are based on travel time and linear distance to the customer's address, not actual road mileage.



Zone Charge

Example Cities

Zone 1

Less Than 25 Miles



Zone 2

25 - 50 Miles



Zone 3

51 - 100 Miles



Zone 4

101 - 150 Miles



Zone 5

151- 200 Miles



Zone 6

Greater Than 200 Miles

$690 / Quote

Kingsport/ Pensacola/Mobile


Labor Rates

On-site Customer Service (Business Hours) $155 per hour
On-site Customer Service (Nights & Weekends) $225 per hour
Bench Repair $110 per hour
Consulting and Training $1100 per day at the customer site


bulletLabor rates cover only the time for personnel to deliver the work requested by a customer. All parts, supplies or materials required to complete the work will be charged to the customer in addition to the labor charges.
bulletFollowing the initial 1 hour included in the zone charge, labor is charged per quarter hour that work is being performed for a customer.
bulletNight and weekend rates will have the zone charge adjusted accordingly by adding $70.00 to that charge to cover the first hour of labor.
bulletBench repair labor rates are only for modules shipped to the TVSS main office for repair.
bulletPrior approval will be requested before the completion of any repair involving parts replacement due to the additional costs involved.
bulletConsulting and training time is quoted for on-site time only and may require additional charges for preparation time when custom classes are requested.
bulletAn itemized repair receipt will be provided when a repair is completed as a summary of the work performed and the charges incurred.


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Last modified: July 26, 2007