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Tennessee Valley Scientific Support, LLC grew out of a need for customer-oriented instrument service in the Tennessee Valley. While most manufacturers are able to support their instruments in a timely manner, the immediate needs of a laboratory may not be met. Many small laboratories do not have the luxury of back-up instruments, making timely repairs a necessity. Waiting for 3-5 days or longer to have an instrument repaired is not acceptable for these companies.

Tennessee Valley Scientific Support, LLC was formed to provide service that focused on the customer's needs, not the provider's offerings. We offer support at times when most large instrument companies either will not work or charge high rates to provide service. TVSS is able to provide service in the evenings or weekends if needed. We attempt to respond and meet your service need within 48 hours of being called. While we cannot always guarantee an instrument will be repaired within 48 hours, due to parts availability, we attempt to stock common parts that would cause delays in repairs. We can also provide assistance in establishing a consumable parts stock at your location to assist in keeping your instruments running at maximum efficiency.

At TVSS, we have over 20 years of experience in the laboratory, including 11 years as a Field Service Representative for Agilent Technologies and Hewlett Packard. We have experience in the operation and maintenance of many types of chromatographic equipment from the top manufacturers including: Agilent, Hewlett Packard, Waters, Varian, GE/Amersham, Thermo, Beckman and others. Training on these instruments includes both factory and field training classes in the repair, maintenance and operation of this equipment.

We also offer technical assistance, based on many years of both operation and method development experience in drug analysis, environmental testing and process control testing. Having served as a method development scientist for three different disciplines, we can offer assistance based on a variety of techniques. If one technique does not provide the required results for separation, our experience can provide alternatives. With a knowledge base drawing from classes in chromatographic separation taken at Virginia Tech, to experience in method development for therapeutic drug analysis, TVSS has the background to assist you with your technical questions.


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